The Need

Spatiality Apps has conceived of a great set of apps to help you discover locally-designated landmarks in cities across the U.S.  We think this will benefit tourists, tour guides, architects, historic preservationists, urban planners, realtors, even renters & homebuyers.  But we’d like to reach the widest audience.  We can do it with your help!

Your Support

Funding support will help us create free — and ad-free — versions of our apps for multiple platforms. We’ve already created a prototype for the iPhone, aptly named “Landmarks: New York”.  But we’d like to make apps for people with Android, Windows Mobile, and even Blackberry phones.  We also want to expand to other cities and to a national version focused on National Historic Register sites. With adequate support, we’ll distribute and continue to maintain free, and ad-free, versions of these apps.

If you’d like to hire us directly to create a Landmarks app for your city or region, or for other projects, please drop us a line.

Your Benefits

In addition to our heartfelt thanks and appreciation, we’d like to recognize your valued contribution by:

  • providing top contributors with free versions of any paid apps we develop (for iPhone users, supplies limited);
  • including you in a special email list giving you the first chance to review ideas for enhancing our app so you can help shape future versions; and
  • if you’d like to be publicly recognized, we’ll add your name to a special web page of thanks.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site!

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