Landmarks: San Francisco features

Landmarks: San Francisco helps you uncover hidden architectural and cultural gems across the city — there’s probably one (or more) in your neighborhood!  The images below highlight the app’s features.

New features/enhancements with version 1.96:

  • Overall software updates to improve performance and leverage iOS5.
  • Several new photos have been added (thanks to Wikipedia) such as the Ghirardelli Building, the Transamerica Building, and the Hotaling Complex.
  • Facebook is added to the “Share” option for each landmark. You can directly post information about each landmark to your wall, with a customized note.
  • A “tab bar” is added to the map – now you can easily search by location or street, change the map type, and set preferences without leaving the map.
  • A Google Street View image has been added for each landmarked site. Search distance and miles vs. kilometers are now preferences. You don’t have to set these each time you do a search. You can easily change the search radius, and switch from miles to kilometers, from a Preferences button.



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