Facebook, Google Street View, and more with Landmarks apps

Our Landmarks apps — for New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco — have been updated with new features that leverage iPhone iOS5 to improve your experience checking out local landmarks in these great cities.  We’ve highlighted the enhancements below.

Google Street View images

When you tap a Street View image for your selected landmark, you see a full view of the image like the examples below.  (Earlier versions of the app only displayed a thumbnail image that was hard to see).  This leverages Google Street View Image API, which provides an easy way of displaying an updated street-level view of any building or location in Google’s mapped database.

New York examples: the Municipal Building …


… and the sidewalk clock on 5th Ave and 23rd Street.


San Francisco examples: the Octagon House …


… and Julius’s Castle in North Beach.


Chicago examples: the Tribune Tower (soaring high, but the entrance is equally impressive) …


… and the “Pillar of Fire” sculpture commemorating the Fire of 1871.


Once you’ve opened the large image, you can’t click on it to move around, but it should give you a great view of the landmark you’re planning to visit — and with the context of buildings on either side of it, making it easier to locate as you’re walking by.

Facebook wall posts

Now each city’s app is integrated with Facebook.  When you’re viewing details for a landmark, the “Share” option now has a Facebook icon.  When you tap it, you’ll log in to Facebook and then post information about each landmark directly to your wall, along with a photo of the landmark (if it’s already in the app) plus a customized note, like the example below:

Share with your friends!

Coming soon…

  1. Twitter, Foursquare, and customized tours?
    1. In the next app update we’re planning to add sharing features such as Twitter and Foursquare, so you can tweet about each landmark you’ve visited and check in to Foursquare for each site.  We also hope to add the ability to save your favorite landmarks and create (and share!) your own walking tours
  2. Take a photo and post to Flickr or Instagram, and share with your local historic preservation office — especially if you see any damage to a landmark or violation of your city’s local preservation ordinance.

Stay tuned!

About Steven Romalewski

Thinking about the future of geography while managing geoweb projects and GIS/spatial analysis research, with a focus on urban dynamics.
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