Customer reviews and more

We’ve received our first customer reviews for Landmarks: New York for the iPhone.  They’re great, keep ’em coming!   I’ve posted them below, and also posted below some links to blogs that have featured the app:

“Great idea, executed perfectly! (5 stars)” — by louisamaynyc

This app isn’t just about the landmarks we all know (the Empire State Bldg, etc.) It’s about ALL the major and minor landmarked properties in NYC. Within a 1/2 mile of my office, I could check out the Gorham Building, Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace, and a whole bunch of other locations I’ve passed (and probably ignored) daily. Impress your friends and your kids with your detailed knowledge of NYC history with this cool app!

Very Thorough Information (4 stars) — by blinkd

I was suprised that there were were no less than 24 landmarks within just a 1/4 mile of my apartment! Just the other day I noticed a couple of interesting buildings in my neighborhood, a couple of blocks away and yep they were in there. This is a must have app for historian buffs or for folks that just want to know more about the history of their neighborhood. I only knocked off a star because the detailed information on the historic sites was sometimes buried a bit too deep in PDFs which wasn’t so great for reading on an iphone. There is some great information in there if you dig around enough to find it.

The “New-York Mania!” blog (in French) says the iPhone version is “1.59 euros, a bargain!”

The “All Points Blog” from Directions Magazine highlights the New York Times article about the app.

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