Landmarks: NY iPhone update – version 1.5

Here’s what’s new with Landmarks: New York (version 1.5):

1) More info

The app now includes 700+ thumbnail photos of NYC landmarks from Wikipedia (and you can view the full photos without closing the app).

We’ve also updated descriptions for hundreds of sites throughout the city — identifying how many landmarks are:

  • current or former places of worship or their interiors (151);
  • museums, museum interiors, or other historical/cultural sites (49);
  • public libraries or library interiors (23);
  • current or former school facilities, other than colleges or universities (54);
  • current or former theatres or theater interiors (77);
  • current or former NYC Police Department facilities (14); and
  • current or former NYC Fire Department facilities (17).
  • currently owned by a foreign government (13).

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission added the latest city landmark on April 12 — St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church complex in Williamsburg, Brooklyn — and we’ve included it in the app.

2) More search options

We’ve added an “On the Map” search option. Now you can search anywhere on the map just by tapping its center.  Move the map, zoom in or out, and just tap the bullseye .  See the screen shots below:

We also added a 2 mile (or 2 kilometer) search radius option — see screen shot at right.  This can be especially useful for locating landmarks outside Manhattan.

3) Site specific maps

Each landmark profile now includes a site-specific locator map.  When you tap a landmark from the map or in a list, you can see at a glance where it’s located. See example below.

What do you think?

About Steven Romalewski

Thinking about the future of geography while managing geoweb projects and GIS/spatial analysis research, with a focus on urban dynamics.
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