iPhone version in the works

UPDATE (April 2011): Apple has approved the iPhone version.  You can download it here.  

(March 2011) We’ve been spending the last couple of months developing and testing a version of Landmarks: New York to be submitted to Apple for the iPhone.  We’re really close, and we wanted to ask for some last minute feedback.  Below are some screen shots — your suggestions and critiques are appreciated!

We’ve been using PhoneGap and jQTouch to convert the app from the Palm/webOS platform to the iPhone.  It’s been great, even though it’s taken longer than we expected.  We think it’s been time well spent, and we hope you do too.  Join our mailing list if you’d like to be kept up-to-date!

Search options

Map the results

Landmark lists, and detailed info

What do you think?

About Steven Romalewski

Thinking about the future of geography while managing geoweb projects and GIS/spatial analysis research, with a focus on urban dynamics.
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