‘Landmarks: Boston’ in the App Catalog

The Landmarks: Boston app is now available for tourists, tour guides, architects, historic preservationists, urban planners, realtors, renters & homebuyers, and anyone else curious about Boston’s architectural history.  Download it to your Palm here.

Landmarks: Boston lists the official landmarked buildings and sites near you, anywhere in the city.  For now the app focuses on the 85 locally-designated landmarks in Boston, and will soon be expanded to include sites on the National Historic Register as well as Boston’s renowned historic trails.

Some of Boston’s landmarks are well known — Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, for example. But others are off the beaten path: a teenage home of Malcolm X, the Back Bay Fens (designed by Olmsted), at least 6 theatres, a well preserved townhouse from the Victorian era, and 4 sidewalk clocks.

Screenshots of the app are shown below.  Landmarks: Boston tells you when each landmark was designated (some more than 30 years ago!), provides detailed info such as which portion of the site is landmarked and what parcel it’s located on, and provides links to Wikipedia & the Boston Landmarks Commission website. Thumbnail photos from Wikipedia are displayed for almost half the landmarked sites, plus links to hi-res images.  You can view each location on a map, and email details about the landmark with just a single tap.

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

About Steven Romalewski

Thinking about the future of geography while managing geoweb projects and GIS/spatial analysis research, with a focus on urban dynamics.
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