Landmarks: New York featured at

Landmarks: New York” was featured yesterday in a great article at, an online news service focused on Manhattan news.

The article highlights how the app makes it easy to find “undiscovered architectural jewels” throughout the city.  It includes a slideshow of screen shots of the app (plus a headshot of me, which I thought was a bit much for the article, but hey, they asked for one) and a good overview of the app’s functionality.

The best part of the article, for me, is that it really captured so well what I hope to accomplish with the app.  As the lede states:

Nobody misses Grand Central Station, but many of the city’s 1,300 landmarked schools, cemeteries, churches and synagogues are easily overlooked — and the developer of one new mobile application hopes to change that.

Happy holidays, and look for some key updates and new versions (Portland, Boston, and Chicago — here we come) in the new year!

About Steven Romalewski

Thinking about the future of geography while managing geoweb projects and GIS/spatial analysis research, with a focus on urban dynamics.
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