Search by keyword, more photos, new info (ver. 1.1.0 updates)

We wanted to highlight a new way of searching for landmarks with Landmarks: New York, and also let you know about the latest info we’ve added.  Download the latest version of the app to your Palm Pre or Pixi.

New search option

Recently we received an email from someone who loved the app, but wanted to be able to sort landmarks by category. It turns out that this is partly built-in to the app already. In version 1.1.0 we’ve highlighted it so it’s easier for you to access this search option. Eventually we can add full category searches, but for now this should help you narrow the list to the landmarks of interest to you.

Palm’s webOS software features “Just Type”, where you can easily filter a list just by typing a keyword or part of a word.  Now on the main screen of the app, you’ll see the option to search “by name or keyword” (screen shot below):

Tapping this item displays a full list of all landmarks in New York City.  From here, just start typing — the list will automatically show only those landmarks with your keyword in their name.

For example, here’s a subset of landmarked bridges:

The arrow points to the number of items in the filtered list.

Here’s an example based on starting to type”synagogue” …

… and another one based on typing “theatre”:

New landmarks & photos

On November 16, 2010 the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission designated four new official landmarks – a church in the Bronx and 3 residential buildings in Manhattan.  (News release – PDF)  We’ve incorporated these new sites in the app, and also added a dozen photos and links to Wikipedia.

Here’s an example of one of the updated photos (the Battery Maritime Building in lower Manhattan):

See the hi-res photo with full credits and info.

Please let us know what you think!

About Steven Romalewski

Thinking about the future of geography while managing geoweb projects and GIS/spatial analysis research, with a focus on urban dynamics.
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